Wine Paris 2020 — The Second Annual Trade Event Is Poised for International Success

USA Ranks #2 in Attendance

From February 10-12, Wine Paris 2020 is set to welcome over 2,200 domestic and international exhibitors and 30,000 visitors to Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. Wine Paris is the consolidation of two complementary trade shows, Vinisud and VinoVision Paris.

The first major wine trade event in the French capital is a must-visit three-day business affair. The number of participating winegrowers, co-operatives and negotiants is on the rise, following the inaugural event in February 2019. French wine regions will be joined by international exhibitors including South Africa, Algeria, Argentina, Croatia, Spain, Italy, Lebanon and Portugal.

In 2019, Wine Paris attracted 42% new visitors compared to the previous Vinisud and VinoVision Paris events. To date, 1,950 exhibitors have signed up to attend, including 300 newcomers, already exceeding expectations.

Wine Meets Business and Networking

Wine Paris is implementing several strategic programs to ensure increased awareness and foster business opportunities:

  • The International Hosted Buyers program will secure attendance of the largest international importers as well as recruit buyers from Asia and developing markets, such as Africa and the Middle East.
  • Wine Match, a digital networking system allows exhibitors and attendees to establish connections, research participating brands and make appointments.
  • A promotional plan in France has now expanded to the United States and across major European wine markets.

“Wine Paris, les Wine Talks

  • Every day, “les Wine Talks” will offer a different focus: Delicious Day (Monday, February 10), Wonderful Day (Tuesday, February 11) and Creative Day (Wednesday, February 12).
  • The Delicious Day of Wine and Food will explore the important relationship between gastronomy and wine will be explored, featuring both traditional and exciting new food pairings.
  • The Creative Day will spotlight new grape varieties, winemaking innovation and initiatives to mitigate the effects of climate change.
  • The Wonderful Day is dedicated to presentations, debates, and workshops hosted by experts. Initial topics include:
    • Demystifying the range of organic and eco-friendly certifications
    • The value of organic certifications in the global marketplace
    • How the production of organic wines affects on and off-premises supply

“Making Our Future Wonderful”:
Highlighting Eco-friendly Initiatives and the Rise of Sustainability

Wine Paris 2020 will guide buyers in a fast-growing and evolving global wine market, in which consumers seek out eco-friendly products. To date, Europe is a leader in sustainability with 30 certifications out of 54 worldwide.

Wonderful, a multi-prong program with a modern visual identity will showcase producers’ commitment to biodynamic initiatives, demystify organic certifications and analyze potential future trends.

About Wine Paris

The first international wine business event in the world’s wine capital, Wine Paris was established by the founding and partner wine marketing boards. It combines the range of efforts and participants of Vinisud and VinoVision Paris. The inaugural trade show took place February 11-13, 2019 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles. It was attended by 2,000 exhibitors and 26,700 trade and industry members, including 30% international visitors.

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