A Look at How Food Incubators are Helping Entrepreneurs Scale Their Businesses

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Findlay KitchenFor the past decade, “eating local” has become a trend in both restaurants and in customer’s shopping habits. With that, our food economy has changed: Instead of focusing on superstores and hypermarkets, shopping patterns are changing toward increased usage of farmer’s markets and focus on local, sustainable shopping and local makers. In 2015, a survey on local food buying habits found that 53 percent of respondents specifically sought out locally grown or produced foods.

But many of those food entrepreneurs — often laser-focused on one specific product or product category — do not have the resources to get their businesses out of their home kitchens and off the ground, particularly since it can be cost-prohibitive to set up a commercial kitchen, often while holding down a full-time job on top of entrepreneurial enterprises. Additionally, investment in food startups is increasing, with the national popularity of startups like Blue Apron and graze getting the attention of venture capital investors, as they tell stories about the origins of the food, and also tap into the desire for many to eat healthier, but with more convenience.

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