10 Ways to Hire Smarter

Originally published by Restaurant Hospitality by Greg Moran

Putting a new spin on the hiring process can result in a stronger team.

Photo - Hiring EmployeesFrom the food you serve to the experience you provide, it’s all a product of the people you hire. And one bad apple can definitely spoil the bunch.

For starters, bad hires cost a lot to replace. According to the Council of Hotel and Restaurants Trainers, the average is $20,000 per manager and $2,225 per hourly employee. That doesn’t include the bad hires who stay and end up costing you even more—in labor, food costs, employee morale and guest experience.

So before poor talent gets you in the weeds, consider these 10 RESTAURANT essentials for a new perspective on the age-old challenge of hiring:

Recruitment brand: Are you as focused on attracting applicants as you are on attracting guests? Consumer brand and recruitment brand are closely tied—improve one, and you’ll likely improve the other. But how do you show potential employees what it would be like to work at your restaurant, not just eat there?

To start, walk through your restaurant’s job pages and application process. You might have a great restaurant concept, but you’ll lose credibility if the candidate experience is difficult or outdated.

Employee engagement: A satisfied employee is a steady employee, but an engaged employee has a genuine interest in food and guest service. Because they care deeply about their work, engaged employees are natural mentors and improve morale throughout the store.

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