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Welcome to our first posting on Behind The Business.  I started this blog because it is something that I think is needed.  I have been a serious entrepreneur publishing the country’s first black food, wine and travel magazine since 2009 and I am here to tell you, the road has not been smooth.  Like many who start their own business to follow their passion, we ride the roller coaster for one reason; to see our dreams come true.

Join us every week as we feature information, resources and tools that will bring your closer to your dream.  In addition, each month, we feature interviews with entrepreneurs around the world and experts who are bringing their talent and experience right here for you.

We’ll also begin our countdown to our inaugural conference, Behind The Business, that will take place September 16 – 17 in San Francisco.  This will be an event you don’t want to miss and will connect you with chefs, restaurateurs, writers, winemakers, specialty gourmet producers and more who have or are walking in your shoes.

If you need a moment of motivation to keep you going, be sure to check out our Power for the Course and lastly, we’ll spotlight some of the youngest and brightest entrepreneurs under the age of 18 under Generation Next.

Be sure to sign up for our monthly Behind the Business Brief in the box to the right and remember, we are in this together, which means together there is no way we can’t win.


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V. Sheree Williams is the publisher of Cuisine Noir Magazine, the country's first digital and print culinary magazine that connects the African diaspora through food, drink and travel. For more, in-depth stories, visit www.cuisinenoirmag.com
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